Percy Whitlock (1903-46) English organist and composer
Malcolm Riley's volume Percy Whitlock-A Biographical Study drew critical acclaim when it was published in 1998.  Now he has compiled The Percy Whitlock Companion, bringing together, for the first time, Whitlock's personal correspondence (1918-46) supplemented by his articles for The Musical Times, Musical Opinion and The Organ.  In addition there are several extended extracts from his diaries and a short, autobiographical story, 'Country Holiday', which was rediscovered in 2006.  The long-lost Song of Bournemouth (1935) is also included together with an appendix listing Whitlock's many BBC broadcasts.

There are 288 pages and 38 illustrations.  ISBN 978-0-9555669-0-5

Published by The Percy Whitlock Trust:

Price £18.00 plus £2.00 for postage and packaging.

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The Secretary, The Percy Whitlock Trust
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Percy Whitlock Keyboard Album

If you are looking for an introduction to the music of this fine composer, you might be interested in A Percy Whitlock Keyboard Album which is published by animus for The Percy Whitlock Trust.  At just £7.00 (plus £1.00 for postage and packing) it bubbles over with the wit and humour of this most approachable of composers.  The contents are:

Three pieces for pianoforte
Four short pieces for harpsichord
Suite for harpsichord
Spade and bucket polka
Ballet of the wood creatures
Balloon ballet

The craftsmanship is impeccable, the tunes unforgettable!