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Buying a set of choral leaflets for your choir is a costly business:  even with our 20% quantity discount, 20 copies of a simple anthem will cost £16.00.  We recognise that many choirs cannot afford this so we are making available for download a selection of simple choral pieces. Once you have purchased the title you may make as many copies as you need for your choir, with no additional charge and no postage or packing.  

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 Corinne Hepburn - Getting started on the Organ Three [2-3] £6.50

With this book Corinne Hepburn concludes the very popular Getting Started on the Organ series.  This, the follow-on volume to Getting Started Two, comprises nineteen original pieces in a wide variety of styles.


Adrian Self (b. 1952) - A Birthday Suite for Her Majesty [3-4]  £5.00


Fanfare for Her Majesty; Windsor - Slow March; Westminster Abbey;
Balmoral - Lament;
 Sandringham - Hornpipe; Fanfare (reprise)


This little birthday thanksgiving makes use of several pre-existing melodies including the National Anthem, W. Damon's Windsor (Psalms, 1591), Westminster Abbey (from an anthem by Henry Purcell) and a traditional Norfolk Hornpipe. 


Frank Bridge (1879-1941) - Three Pieces for organ [4-5]  £5.00

Prelude - Minuet - Processional

These three pieces are amongst the last compositions completed by Frank Bridge, having been originally published by Curwen in 1940.  They are very different in style to the earlier pieces (such as the evergreen Adagio in E):  harmonically more acerbic and rhythmically inventive.  These are fine pieces by a very under-rated English composer and we hope that their reissue in this new edition will bring them to the attention of a new generation of organists.


 Stephen Burtonwood (b. 1951) - Variations on Noël Nouvelet [3] £3.00


If, like many of us, you have spent years in a fruitless struggle with the wonderful Variations sur un noël of Marcel Dupré, you might appreciate these altogether far more straightforward variations!  Obviously ideal for Christmas, they are also very appropriate for Eastertide.


 Douglas Bell (b.1932) - Snetzler in Halifax [2-3] £3.50

Trump for Leonard - Lament - J.W.'s Lavolta - A verse for Jean - Jubilate for John 


A delightful set of short and simple pieces to mark the installation of the chamber organ by John Snetzler in the Minster Church of St. John the Baptist, Halifax. 


 Douglas Mason (b. 1973) -  Three Pieces [3] £4.00

Freefall - Prelude No.3 - Fanfare 

Born in Cheltenham in 1973, Douglas Mason was a chorister in Gloucester Cathedral Choir and subsequently read music at Durham University.  He is now a full-time member of the Academic Music Department and choral training staff at Chetham's School of Music, Manchester.  Although well-known as a composer of choral music, this is his first published organ work.

A Romantic Sketch Book  [3-4] £5.00

Ch. V. Alkan (1813-88) - Canon in A
W.F. Crossley (1835-85) - Sketch in Bb
E  Townshend Driffield (1851-1925) - Adagio con espressione
Ernest Halsey (1876-1939) - Chant Idyllique
William Wolstenholme (1865-1931) - Allegretto in F 


In his latest collection Paul Edwards has selected and edited five attractive pieces which are either previously unpublished or otherwise unavailable for many years.


A Valediction of Voluntaries  [3-5] £7.00

Allan Allen (1866-1930) - A Fancy
E. Townshend Driffield (1851-1925) - Andante cantabile in D
Henry Grimshaw (1848-1913) - Adagio
Alfred Hollins (1865-1942) - The Silver Cord
Haydn Keeton (1847-1921) - Aria for the Clarionet
Stephen B. Kemp (1849-1918) - Andante con moto
Charles W. Pearce (1856-1928) - Meditation in a village churchyard
F. Cunningham Woods (1862-1929) - Sarabande


Over the past 15 years Paul has edited 19 anthologies and collections, covering more than two centuries of English organ music. This final volume features (mainly) Victorian pieces. As always, the editor has attempted to provide attractive works, not otherwise accessible and of manageable technical difficulty.


John Ellis (1943-2010) - Organ Symphony Opus 48 [6] £7.50


Since its first performance in Blackburn Cathedral by Robin Walker on March 28th, 2009, this four-movement work has been widely acknowledged as one of the most important contributions to the 21st century organ repertoire.  Robin has recorded the Symphony, together with a selection of other works for organ by John Ellis on the Divine Art label (CD DDA25087).  You can find out more about John Ellis here. 


Kieran Fitzsimons (b. 1953) - Seasonal Colours [3]  £5.00 


 Kieran is a native of County Durham and was a lay-clerk at Ripon and Newcastle cathedrals.  He studied composition at Huddersfield university from where he graduated as a mature student with a Master's degree in 1994.  The eight chorale-preludes in Seasonal Colours are especially suitable for pianists who find themselves playing the organ and for organists with a limited pedal technique.  They are arranged liturgically from Advent to Pentecost. 

Alan Smith (b.1962) - A Little Gaelic Suite [3]  £3.00

An Dachaidh Bhuam - Gloir an Uain - Aideachadh


This little suite was written in memory of a close friend of the composer and is based on hymn-tunes written by the great-great-grandfather of the dedicatee.  The music is of great beauty and sincere simplicity.

Roger Bush - Variations on an old French tune:  The Holly and the Ivy [3-4] £3.50


In 2011 we published Roger's superb variations on the old French tune: The Holly and the Ivy.  He has now recorded the work and it is available to listen to here:


Douglas Bell - Per organo molto piccolo [2] £3.50

Cantique - Il flauto mobile - Dance of the tritone


Illustrated on the cover is the two-stop chamber organ built by John Bennett of Rhode Island, USA.  The American organist and composer Carson Cooman commissioned this three-movement suite to be performed on this instrument.  It can be successfully played on any organ and, of course, no pedals are required.  You can hear Carson Cooman's performance of this beautiful suite here:

 Alan Smith (b. 1962) - Suite No.1 [3-4]  £4.00

Alla marcia - Duo - Rondo - Choral varié - Epilogue


Alan's choral music is sung throughout the world but, to date, he has only contributed two short organ pieces to the animus catalogue.  With this suite and the three pieces below he brings his impeccable craftsmanship to the organ console.  This suite is beautifully written and immediately appealing.

 Alan Smith - Suite No.2 [3-5]  £4.00

Dorian Prelude - Phrygian Lament - Lydian Scherzo - Mixolydian Postlude


Technically a little more advanced than the first suite, each of the four movements is built on one of the old Church modes, giving each a distinctive harmonic flavour.

 Alan Smith - Three Christmas Voluntaries  [3]  £3.50

Duo:  Ding, Dong! Merrily on high - Meditation:  Es ist ein Ros' - Impromptu:  We three kings


  Three beautifully-written pieces of immediate use for Christmas services.

Alan Smith - Three Wedding Preludes [3] £3.00

Prelude on Slane - Meditation on Brother James's Air - Trio on Praise my soul


The composer writes that these simple pieces are built on hymn tunes which are often sung at weddings, but they may be equally used for other occasions as pre-service music or as teaching material.